if you’re curious to know what this is all about, here’s a super helpful synopsis:

claremckenna.com is my website dedicated to all of my artwork
(photography, graphic design, illustrations, writing, etc.)
and it’s here to give you a small taste of what my imagination can dish out.




This past Thursday was one of my favorite holidays, Thanksgiving. And to celebrate, I worked until midnight. But before I did that, I was lucky enough to spend time with both of my families and feast. I popped right out of bed at 7:00 in the morning, got dressed, and...

Halloween 2017

One of my favorite holidays has always been Halloween. Though not the scary, gory, horrifying Halloween that most people are used to and love; more so the cutesy, silly, candy-filled, dressing up kind of Halloween. Hence why I never watch a single horror movie EVER,...

Katie & Steve 2017

Happy engagement to these two love birds! I've called these two friends since they got together (and Katie and I have been pals since high school!). We spend at least one night every week together for Trivial Trivia each Wednesday and they are an absolute blast. I am...