One of my favorite holidays has always been Halloween. Though not the scary, gory, horrifying Halloween that most people are used to and love; more so the cutesy, silly, candy-filled, dressing up kind of Halloween. Hence why I never watch a single horror movie EVER, and avoid all of those playing in the month of October on AMC like the plague. Instead, I make stupid paper bats and weird-looking jack-o-lanterns. Also instead, I often dress up as a random character I’ve always connected with from kids’ movies, or a woman in history that is absolutely badass. In the past I have been Jessie from Toy Story, Mary Poppins, Rosie the Riveter, Amelia Earhart, Luigi from Mario Bros. — just to name a few. This year, my fiancĂ© Vincent and I decided to throw it back to our childhood days in celebration of one of my favorite movies ever: The Sandlot. Vince dressed as Squints (just now realizing how that rhymes, haha!), one of the boys in the group of friends from the movie, who all enjoy playing baseball together in their local junkyard; I played Wendy Peffercorn, the lifeguard at the local pool that all the boys fawned over. The two characters wind up getting married, as told by the main character Smalls at the end of the movie. I thought it perfectly fitting for Vince and I, engaged to be married, to be two adorably fun and simple characters.

Here is a quick look at what our characters look like:

Now take a look at our renditions of the characters:

And here is us with our little pumpkin, Minnie:

As you can tell, not only do I love dressing up for Halloween, but I also love forcing my loved ones to take staged photographs of us in our costumes. HAPPY HALLOWEEN!