Hello! And welcome!

My name’s Clare, a professional photographer & artist, budding journalist & former popcorn conneisseur with a deep passion for throwing oddly-themed holiday parties and playing silly party games.

Currently, I am 26 years old living, working & playing in Albany — the capital of the great state of New York! I am what you’d call a chocoholic, craft beer enthusiast and self-proclaimed Kan Jam champion.

I have loved photography since I was a scrawny-legged, knee-scraped kid, and I have been trying to perfect my craft for over five years. With the help & support of family and friends, my passion for snappin’ pics has blossomed into what I’ve created here on this website.

Again, welcome. And thank you for stopping by.


You probably have a million and one questions to ask. Whatever information you need, this section has got you covered. See below for some Frequently Asked Questions that I have so conveniently answered for you. If I still haven’t answered a question you have, navigate below and ask away! I check my emails frequently and will get back to you as soon as possible.

Who/what is Clare McKenna Photography?

Clare McKenna Photography is my passion project / small photography business. I’m Clare and this passion project / small photography business is my baby. I have been watching it grow (slowly, I might add) from a small seed in 2011 to a blossoming flower in 2018. I have loved photography since I was a child and I have been sharpening my skills ever since!

Where are you located?

I am located in the heart of New York State, in Albany. I will travel all over the Capital Region, however, so if you require services anywhere within the vicinity, I’m your gal! I will also travel anywhere outside of the Capital Region for a small fee.

What services do you offer?

I offer all kinds! Here is a list of what I currently offer (however my skills are not only limited to the services on this list – just ask!):

head shots // engagement // portrait // senior // family // maternity // new mommy // newborn // pets & animals // weddings // events

I am also in the process of opening up my own in-home studio! I am so excited about this project, so keep your eyes peeled for updates!

Why should I hire you?

Well, I like to think that I am good at what I do and I am one of the most affordable photographers in the area. Ask me for a price sheet and compare me to the competition. You’ll see I’m much less expensive and I provide the same, if not better, value of work.

However, maybe we’re not the perfect fit, and that’s totally OK! If you don’t like what you see, I can still recommend other great photographers in the area. Would you do me a favor in exchange for other recommendations, though? Let me know what I can improve on! Any advice / suggestions / comments will help me be better and I would greatly appreciate your input.


Albany, New York 12208


email: claremckenn@gmail.com
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