if you’re curious to know what this is all about, here’s a super helpful synopsis:

claremckenna.com is my website dedicated to all of my artwork
(photography, graphic design, illustrations, writing, etc.)
and it’s here to give you a small taste of what my imagination can dish out.



winter birthday diy gift

So you have a friend or family member with a birthday during the months of December, January, and/or February. If you're like me, you have nearly a dozen friends and family with birthdays throughout the winter, and it's so close to Christmas and you just can't afford...

o, tannenbaum

Early afternoon on Sunday, after a blanket of snow blessed the grounds of the Capital Region, I decided to take a car ride with my family and help them pick out a Christmas tree. And by help them, I mean bring my camera and take over 100 photographs of them picking...


It is almost mid-December and as of only two days ago, we had only seen small flurries of snow. Yesterday afternoon, however, it flurried until the middle of the night, leaving behind a wet blanket of snow. I worked inside all day and was able to enjoy the beautiful...